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    Cashier Opening Hours

    Mon - Thurs: 8 - 11:30 AM & 1 - 4 PM

    Fri: 8 - 11:30 AM & 1 - 3:30 PM


    Office Opening Hours

    Mon - Thurs: 8 AM - 12 PM & 1 - 5 PM

    Fri: 8 AM - 12 PM & 1 - 4:30 PM

Traffic Services

Traffic Department Staff

Our Services Include:


  1. Registration
  2. Change of ownership
  3. Licencing 
  4. Change of licence plates
  5. Duplicates of licence, stickers, drivers licence and permit


  1. Duplicates of Licence, Stickers, Drivers Licence and Permit
  2. Learner's Permit & Driver's Licence (renewal / first issue)
  3. Change of Address (within Belmopan), driving class, change of name 
  4. Transfer In
  5. Out-going Transfer
  6. Ticket Violation 
  7. Driving Record - $10.00
  8. Custom Entry Documents - $15.00




Renewal of Driver's License

  1. Bring in previous / expired driver's license
  2. An invoice is then created
  3. Pays at cashier
  4. Return at Traffic to pick-up renewed driver's license

*Note: Customer can renew driver's license 30 days before expiration date.

Learner's Permit

  1. Fill-out driving permit application
  2. Needs to be stamped by a medical officer
  3. Bring in a copy of social security card / passport along with 2 passport size photos
  4. Person comes in with all requirements for the permit to be processed
  5. Invoice is created
  6. Person pays at the cashier
  7. Returns to Traffic Department for pick-up 

First Issue

  1. Comes in with Learner's Permit at-least one month after the date permit has been issued to do written test (Wednesdays)
  2. After written test is done, the customer can come in the Thursday of the following week  to do practical test
  3. Once the customer has passed both practical and written test, first issue of license can be given 
  4. The first issue is then process and invoice is then created
  5. Customer pays at cashier 
  6. Returns to Traffic Department, picture and signature is then taken 
  7. Driver's license is then printed and issued 

*Note: Driver's License will only be given to customers on his/her date of birth.

Transfer In

  1. Customer brings in Driver's License from a different Traffic Department (from a different village/town/city), along with proof of address (utility bill) that they are no residing in Belmopan
  2. Then renewal process will take place

*Note: If bill is not in their name, they must bring along an authorization letter and copy of Social Security card of the person.

Change of Name

  1. Must bring in a copy of marriage certificate / divorce papers, Social Security / Passport that will show name that will be used
  2. Change of name will be processed
  3. Customer pays and returns to Traffic Department
  4. License is then updated and issued 

Change of Address 

  1. Follow 'Transfer In' requirement 
  2. Pays at cashier 
  3. Returns to Traffic Department 
  4. Driver's License is updated, printed and issued

Adding-on of New Letter (Class) - Endorsement 

  1. Sees inspector first 
  2. Endorsement is made and sent to the clerk to be processed
  3. Once processed, invoice is then created
  4. Customer pays at the cashier
  5. Returns to Traffic Department to receive Driver's License with newly added on class.

*Note: Each class has their own requirements

Vehicle Transfer

  1. Both seller and buyer of the vehicle must come into office and have along with them a valid ID (SS card / driver's license)
  2. Seller must bring original certificate of title

*Note: NO open transfer is done.

If customer is coming in from another department (town/city), they need to submit both plates.

ALL vehicles over the year 2000, MUST bring a copy of the Custom Entry documents.

Change of Plates

  1. Must bring in original title 
  2. Submit 2 plates

*Note: If one plate is lost, you need to bring in a Police Report. You can download it here.

Duplicates (Vehicle Title, Driver's License, Stickers)

  1. Must bring in a Police Report
  2. See motor vehicle inspector 

*Note: The duplicate of driver's license, customer must see clerk.

Damage Title

  1. Must bring in original title 
  2. See motor vehicle inspector 
  3. Invoice will be created
  4. Pays at cashier
  5. Returns to Traffic Department to pick-up title

License Sticker Renewal

  1. See inspector and present original or copy of Certificate of Title, insurance, and surrender old license sticker
  2. Inspector will give further instructions

*Note: License sticker can be renewed at the beginning of the month that license sticker is suppose to expire.

Change of Color

  1. Must see inspector 
  2. Submit original title 
  3. Inspection of vehicle will be done 
  4. Vehicle color will be updated
  5. Customer will make payments at the cashier 
  6. Return to pick-up updated title 

Out-going Transfer

  1. Follow #s 1, 2 & 3 of 'Transfer In's' process
  2. Seller must turn in title 
  3. Both must sign the transfer papers
  4. Buyer must pay at cashier 
  5. Returns to inspector to receive transfer documents

*Note: Only for vehicles in Belmopan that will be transferred to another Department.

Change of Vehicle Particulars

  1. First see inspector and present original title 
  2. Inspector will do an inspection or correct error 
  3. Customer will then move on to the clerk
  4. Invoice will be created
  5. Customer pays at the cashier and return to pick-up title 

New Vehicle Registration

  1. Bring in all Custom entries along with US/salvage title 
  2. Need to bring vehicle to do inspection 
  3. Need a valid ID of customer 
  4. Fill-out a Schedule A form
  5. Sees clerk
  6. Pay at cashier
  7. Return with receipt and then customer must get the vehicle licensed

*Note: A fee of $45.00 will be charged for the Certificate of Registration and plate.

*NOTE - Title - customer has 2 weeks to notice any errors on title and come into office to change it free of cost. Should customer come in after 2 weeks, a fee of $35.00 will be charge for correction.