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Valuation Department


The Land Valuation Department within the Belmopan City Council is accountable for the maintenance of the valuation roll to support and extend property taxation to all properties and in addition to provide the Council with valuation and related services. The purpose of the valuation services is to allow individuals to access information related to parcels of land, the appreciation of value for properties which are being subdivided in order to bring up to date the valuation roll.


The Land Valuation Department is committed to develop into an up to date business organization with experts who will provide service to the public in a consistent and efficient manner.


In order to achieve this vision the following are necessary:

  • Target and attain the public trust
  • Drive excellence and reliability through improve practice
  • Expand and continue the proper capabilities

The Council will work toward the objectives through the day to day change and transformational work.


General Description of the Valuation Department Responsibilities and Activities

  • Obtain data and maintain a record of all properties and business in the City of Belmopan
  • Prepare and maintain a separate valuation Roll of all Properties and businesses in the City of Belmopan
  • Advise the Council on all matters relating to lands and prepare relevant land documents
  • Liaise with all other sections in matters relating to Lands
  • Liaise with the Land Registry, Valuation section and Land Utilization Authority of the Ministry of Natural Resources pertaining to changes that affects the value to the roll.


Valuation Appeals Board

There exists in the City of Belmopan a Valuation Board for the purpose of hearing appeals against valuation made.


Land Management and Development

The Belmopan City Council responsibilities for the management of lands within its boundaries include:

  • The registration of lands
  • Divestment of land by way of lease or sale
  • Change of Land Ownership


Trade License

The Trade License Fee is obtained through the coordinating efforts between the LED, Revenue, Engineering and Valuation Departments.


Valuation Personnel Officers

The Valuation Department is comprised of the Valuation Officer and a Second Class Clerk whom together produce and ensure the maintenance of the Valuation Roll that is presented as follows:


Sectionalized Format: - indicates the location of Parcels in groups according to Sections and Precincts for the

relevant period.


Sequential Format: - indicates the Parcels according to the numerical sequence allocated by the lands and Surveys

department in accordance with the Registry Index Map (RIM), and the inserted Site Values.