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Local Economic Development Department (LEDD)

LEDD Staff

The Local Government plays a vital role in supporting the private sector, MSME's, and entrepreneurs. With this in mind, the Belmopan City Council decided to create a new department that would focus on improving the business atmosphere in Belmopan. The Local Economic Development started its functions in April 2017.


Local Economic Development (LED) is a participatory process. Communities, civil society organizations and the private sector establish different forms of partnerships through the leadership of local governance authorities or local government. The partners work together to harness local resources, encourage investments and stimulate local commercial activities, particularly that of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. These local commercial activities lead to gains in job creation, business development and ultimately quality of life for citizens


Although the implementation of LED in Belmopan is very recent, the City has already been featured as a best practice in institutionalizing Local Economic Development worldwide. This was based on a Federation of Canadian Municipalities Study on Best Practices. You can download the case study here!


A Business Support Desk was established under the LED Department to facilitate business interaction, if you have any query on how to start your business or general business related information visit our support desk or contact our email

Services under Business Development Desk:

Establishing a Business

1. Establishing a Business

2. Feasibility Study

3. Record Keeping

4. Marketing

5. Business Plan