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Belmopan Regional Language Center Monument


"Our Vision for Belmopan is a safe, clean, green, quiet, healthy and modern city developed on the basis of co-ordinated urban planning under a master plan which provides equal opportunity for all residents to realize their human potential and to raise their children in a family-oriented environment."



George Price Centre


"The Belmopan City Council will provide infrastructure, services and an environment conducive to growth and development and enhancement of the quality of life for the people. The Council is committed to being Transparent, Accountable, Efficient, Professional and Courteous and to showing respect and concern for individual dignity while stimulating participation and cooperation within the community."




Construction of Independence Plaza


As the Capital of Belize, Belmopan is located at the heart of the Country. The City was formed after the devastation of Hurricane Hattie that destroyed Belize City in 1961, it was decided then, that a new capital city away from the dangers of Mother Nature was necessary.

The Belmopan City Council was incorporated as a municipality in 2000. As a young but planned City the municipality has authority over significant green spaces. The council is working towards the development of these spaces into recreational, entertainment, business and a cultural hub for the use of the Belmopan Community.

To view a Historical review on how Belmopan started click here.






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Dear Residents and Friends of the City of Belmopan,

As Mayor and on behalf of the City of Belmopan, I am pleased to state that our City is Open for Business. The Municipality is committed to facilitating a thriving and enabling business environment conducive to successful MSME's in Belmopan. We acknowledge that small and medium businesses are proven engines of Local Economic growth, and we are cognizant of their importance in the sustainable development of a strong municipal economy. We are focused on improving business development and supporting increased trade and economic activities for greater investment opportunities.

As a council we recognize that we play a vital role in supporting businesses and fostering MSME start-up and expansion that can increase income and reduce unemployment. The Local Economic Development Strategy 2015-2020 will serve as a beacon for undertaking activities that will consolidate Belmopan's economic vision. As a City I hope we can position ourselves to work in a manner that will create an atmosphere ideal for our local businesses to flourish.

Yours in Development,
Mayor Khalid Belisle

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Belmopan City Council
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The Council 2015-2018

  • Mayor Khalid Belisle
    Portfolio Budget and Finance Administration
    Land Management
    Zoning and Urban Development Government
    Public and External Resources
  • Deputy Mayor Ralston Frazer
    Portfolio Infrastructure
    Business Development and Public Utilities
  • Councilor Louise Willis
    Portfolio Public Safety & Crime Prevention
    Transport & Traffic Management
    Senior Citizens' Affair
  • Councilor Angel Pastrana
    Portfolio Sports and Recreational Planning
    Parks and Playgrounds
    Market Management and Sanitation
  • Councilor Jacklyn Burns
    Porfolio Education & Culture
    Civil Society
    Drug Awareness Education
  • Councilor Anna Banner Guy
    Portfolio Youth and Women Affairs
    Tourism Promotion
    Vocation Training
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Belmopan City Council News

  • 05 Oct

    License Plates Available

    05/October/2017 The Belmopan City Council's Traffic Department wishes to inform all vehicle owners who have paid for their License Plates Read More
  • 23 Aug

    Resident Survey

    23/Aug/17 The Belmopan City Council is conducting a Resident Survey. The survey will run from the 5th of June to Read More
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